Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spiritual Heroes in New Jersey

I travelled to New Jersey for a Spiritual Hero training day as part of the Spiritual Books program at Immaculate Conception Seminary at Seton Hall. About 50 people took part in three sessions which explored the background to the Spiritual Hero program, the structure of the Hero's Quest and the practical ways we use the program to help people with life changes and spiritual growth.

I'll be posting some photos of the event soon, and am going to try to do some posts giving more information about Ordinary Hero, Spiritual Hero and Working Hero.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Progress on Spiritual Hero

Some friends have asked what's happening with the Spiritual Hero project. Well, it's slow going. I have so many other projects and interests, that it is difficult to find enough hours in the day.

However, you can see some changes are taking place. I've got a snazzy new 'Spiritual Hero' logo that will be the image for my Spiritual Hero retreats. Jon Madrid is busy updating my website to incorporate a Spiritual Hero page. I am also looking for a person who would like to help promote the Spiritual Hero retreats and seminars.

I'm also working on the book How to Be a Spiritual Hero. In the meantime, I'm getting together some people here in the Greenville area who are interested in Ordinary Hero and Working Hero. If you're interested in this project, drop me a line. 

Sunday, March 16, 2008

How to Be a Spiritual Hero

Before I moved back to the USA in 2006 to become a Catholic priest, I lived and worked in England running a company called Ordinary Hero.

Ordinary Hero, and its business arm Working Hero uses the plot line of the classical hero's quest to give people a simple map of the change process. Many people are faced with change in their lives, and they resist the change because they view the change as a threat. They don't have a map for the journey. They don't know where to turn next.

I devised Ordinary Hero seminars to help people understand the change process and see it as a positive challenge. The simple concepts are illustrated with clips from exciting movies like Lord of the Rings, Hardball, Color Purple, Bend it Like Beckham and The Matrix. We used the seminars to help guys in prison, victims of violent crime, challenging kids in middle school, college student and others who wanted a positive way to view the challenge of change.

Working Hero takes the concept into businesses so that management trainees, executives and ordinary workers in business could have the tools to manage change in an effective and dynamic way.

Now that I serve as a Catholic priest I am launching Spiritual Hero Retreats. Although I am a Catholic priest, the retreats are not specifically Catholic. They are Biblically based and traditional in their approach, but I use exciting film clips to illustrate the ten stages of becoming a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ.

This blog is a forum for people to gather more information and discuss How to Be a Spiritual Hero.